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Printing with a twist,
because cookie-cutter
anything doesn’t cut it.

The Drawing Board serves businesses like yours where you wear all the hats.

New opportunities to grow in real estate abound as the landscapes change dramatically.

  • Lifestyle changes will continue to impact homes due to remote work as well as in-home spas and meditation spaces!
  • Demographic shifts toward new generations of homebuyers.
  • Showing up strong with personalized communications to existing and prospective clients.
  • Rising above the competition, demonstrating going “above and beyond” in various ways.

Real Estate Product Trends

From selling to leasing to management - print tools that go beyond the daily.

Direct mail has unbeatable reach these days with all the generations.
From open houses with yard signs to banners at baseball games, showing the connection to the community is critical for building relationships.
Managing the business of property management includes noise violation reports, compliance requests, as well as repair forms and invoices.