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The Drawing Board was founded on July 31, 1956, by Selwin Belofsky (Selly) and Alan H. Hulsey (Bud), in Dallas, Texas. Today, our company is headquartered in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. While much has changed, the one thing that has never changed is our promise to provide quality products backed by a promise of complete customer satisfaction.

The Drawing Board initially began with a line of mail order specialty Christmas cards designed to target the dental profession. Soon, the company began marketing cards for other professions, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. The success of the greeting card products was promising and soon The Drawing Board began to branch out into other products and markets, most notably trademarked forms -- the Note-O-Gram, Phone-O-Gram, and Mem-O-Grams -- as well as receipt books, labels, voucher checks, envelopes, and more. Products that we still proudly sell today!

In sixty years, The Drawing Board has grown from a small mail order marketing business to a large printing, production, and distribution facility, with a full line of imprinted product solutions for businesses. What hasn’t changed is the dedication of the The Drawing Board team. As our company founder, Mr. Belofsky, once said, “Each of us has an important job to do in helping to earn customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. In the final analysis, what we sell is satisfaction.”

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Our customer service specialists are knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and friendly, and their job is to make sure that our customers are 100% pleased with their order.

We encourage customers to call us 1-800-527-9530. You can always count on The Drawing Board to understand your needs and simplify your life!