Priority Codes & Discounts

The scoop on Priority Codes...

DrawingBoard® Printing saves you money with various special offers throughout the year. Priority codes are used in conjunction with these special offers and provide possible savings from DrawingBoard® Printing. Priority Codes are provided on catalogs, postcards, letters, emails, and special flyers. In fact, you can start saving right now by clicking here. Just provide your email address and you'll get an Instant Priority Code that you can use immediately on your entire order!

Where can I find my Priority Code?

Priority codes appear on the back of DrawingBoard® Printing catalogs, as well as in email promotions, faxes, special postcard mailings, reorder mailings, or special flyers. Priority Codes are generally five characters (or more) in length and will be highlighted, boxed off, or shown in bold type on the promotional offer.

How do I use my Priority Code?

Please provide your Priority Code during the checkout process in order to receive any special discounts or offers for which you are eligible.  When ordering online, please enter your priority code in the box labeled Priority Code in the Shopping Cart.

Qualifying for Discounts

Your Priority Code determines if you are eligible for a discount or a special offer. Priority Codes may be based on specific criteria and a minimum order may be required. If you qualify, our discounted price or special offer will be reflected in the shopping cart and the pricing will automatically be adjusted.

Priority Code Restrictions

Only one Priority Code can be used per order. Discounts or special offers cannot be redeemed after the expiration date. Priority Codes must be submitted at the time of order and cannot be used on prior purchases or payments.  Taxes and shipping charges are excluded from minimum order size and discount.